We are very concerned about the safety and technical reliability of our processes. Lots of engineering and resources techniques are mobilized to deliver highly reliable and secure services.

Beyond the technical confidentiality necessary for security, we are concerned about bringing you the information necessary for the proper understanding of digital Seal procedures.

Therefore, we offer the following information :

Simplified process for creating a seal

When you download the file constituting your proof, with the description of what you sealed, AvKee processes the information received and adds technical information to it in order to make the assembly tamper-proof. Apart from the specific PIN code of the seal, all the information you provided at the time of the seal is indicated on the administrative certificate

PI : personal identity information
CTX : background information - description of your Seal
GEO : geolocation information (to be confirmed at the time of sealing)

ID : Seal number of your seal (figure on the AvKee stamp)
HCF : hash (encoding) of the uploaded file
HCS : hash (encoding) of all information associated with the Seal
BCKs : entry into blockchains of ID, HCF, HCS

ADM C : administrative certificate issued by AvKee- click to see an example

E-cert : PKCS12 certificate issued by AvKee (ACE)

Numerical fingerprints of the uploaded file and associated information are made with several hash functions, in particular of the type shaXXX. AvKee processes the information received and adds technical information to it. Apart from the specific PIN code for the seal, all information entered appears on the administrative certificate

From the validated seal and the information entered in the blockchains, the administrative certificate and the PKCS12 electronic certificate is created. Consequently, the evidence becomes unfalsifiable

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