Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is AvKee for

- Who is AvKee for

Avkee is an online application for individuals, businesses and lawyers.

Its objective is to allow everyone to defend themselves effectively in the event of a dispute, because you will have solid and falsifiable evidence.

Using AvKee to protect your evidence is often less than one euro |AvKee seal operation|.

+ What is an AvKee Seal

- What is an AvKee Seal

An AvKee seal is an operation to protect your evidence.

Your evidence are protected thanks to a highly secure digital storage, your evidence are time-stamped and geolocated

As soon as the sealing operation has been carried out, the works you have sealed become tamper-proof.

+ What is a court seal

- What is a court seal

  Most people have heard of and seen court seals while watching police dramas on television. These seals consist of placing evidence from a crime scene in plastic bags or boxes for the trial that will take place when a suspect is arrested.

  Most of the series clearly show the administrative aspects of seals, namely the information to be completed on the seals, the signature of the judicial police officer, the storage of seals in highly secure premises, the specific conditions of access to seals for which you must be accredited.

+ What are the similarities between AvKee seals and court seals

- What are the similarities between AvKee seals and court seals

  AvKee seals are designed to securely collect and store evidence. AvKee being an online service, the sealed objects are digital, it can be photos, videos, office documents, in fact we can seal all types of files, except for executable files.

  As with judicial seals, AvKee seals can be used in legal or amicable proceedings to assert your rights.

  AvKee seals are stored in the digital equivalent of secure rooms |highly secure servers in a highly secure datacentre|.

  An AvKee seal contains the contact details of the person filing the seal, a description of the nature of the seal and the context of the seal, the sealed file, and a seal certificate.

  Only the depositor or the persons he designates can access the seal. No other person, including AvKee staff, has access to the seal.

+ Differences between AvKee seals and court seals

- Differences between AvKee seals and court seals

  A judicial seal is made by a judicial police officer, a sworn person who performs the seal. AvKee provides a part of these functions thanks to blockchain technologies which make it possible to make several digital fingerprints of the sealed files and of information relating to this seal, while associating a certain date with it, as well as the geolocation of the place where the seal was made.

  This procedure prevents any further modification and thus makes the sealed file tamper-proof. In the event of legal proceedings, the magistrates will have the certainty that the file which they consult is indeed that which has been sealed with a certain date. The seal keys are deposited with notary, to give the AvKee seal the scope of an authentic instrument.

+ How to take action to defend my rights with the AvKee seal

- How to take action to defend my rights with the AvKee seal

  In litigation, in most cases, the simple presentation to the opponent of the sealed certificate with the possibility of consulting the sealed file online |when it is a document, photo or 'a video| is enough to succeed.

  When that is not enough, we produce various certificates and if necessary the notary act associated with the seal keys.

  If you have sought the assistance of a lawyer, we will provide him with a complete file allowing him to fully understand the tamper-proof technology of AvKee seals. It will be up to you to send him the documents associated with the seal |as a reminder, we do not have access to it|.

+ How to view an AvKee seal

- How to view an AvKee seal

  You can view all of your seals in your customer area, if you have made many seals, you have a search engine and a date selection system.

  You can view a seal either by clicking directly on the link provided to you at the time of the seal, or by scanning the AvKee stamp |QRCode| present on the certificate or downloadable at the time of the seal.

+ How to allow viewing of an AvKee seal

- How to allow viewing of an AvKee seal

To send an AvKee seal to someone, you can:

  Send the seal certificate in paper format, the recipient will be able to scan the seal stamp |QRCode| to see online, the sealed file present on our servers.

  Send the seal certificate, in pdf format, by email

  Send the picture of the AvKee Stamp by email or sms

  Send the picture of the AvKee Stamp by email or sms

You can associate a code with a seal which must be entered to consult the sealed file.

+ How long is a seal kept on AvKee servers

- How long is a seal kept on AvKee servers

Stamps and seal certificates are stored indefinitely.

It is up to you to choose the retention period for the sealed file, when it must exceed that provided for in your service pack. You have several options:

  extend the file retention period at the time of sealing operations

  extend the file retention period before the end of the retention period

  reload the sealed file on our server, in the event of legal or other proceedings. This is an identical upload operation to that performed at the time of the seal. Please note that the uploaded file must be exactly the same as the one that was sealed. Many tests are performed and at the slightest deviation, the file would be rejected. In the latter case, it is up to you to carefully ensure the ?long-term? preservation of your proof.

+ How to use AvKee seal correctly

- How to use AvKee seal correctly

Knowing how to use AvKee seals is necessary to guarantee your rights and to be able to defend yourself well in the event of a dispute. Using the online application is simple and easy, but you need to have a few \''blank\'' seals to be truly comfortable the day you need it.

But defending your rights is above all a question of reflex.

It is in fact a matter of anticipating possible disputes before they have declared themselves, and therefore of sealing the necessary proofs.

You have to somehow develop a sixth sense in terms of potential risks of litigation, in order to take the lead to accumulate the evidence that may be useful to you. Considering the very low costs of a seal operation, this approach will prove to be a short-term winner, since any litigation will cost more than all the seals that you have been able to carry out.

+ Examples of use

- Examples of use

Rental and loan

  I lend an object to someone, I make a video seal |video report| to show the state of the object before the loan. If necessary I make a new video seal at the time of the restitution to show that there is a problem. The video seals being tamper-proof, voila ...

  In the same way, I rent a vehicle I can also carry out a video seal at the time when I pick up and return the vehicle. It is inexpensive |often less than one euro| and it is very effective.

  Video seals can be used when renting apartments, renting equipment, etc.

Invoice, guarantees, general conditions of sale, administrative ...

  I save my invoices so that I can easily find them in the event of a problem. Large hard discount brands will reimburse you without any problem in the event of a default, even the day before the two-year period, but you have to find the receipt and that's harder. We tend not to take care of it when it comes to buying less than 50 euros

  I register the general conditions of sale of a website when I make a major purchase, because these conditions change frequently and that in case of warranty or other dispute you may have difficulty finding them.

Entrepreneur, Craftsman, liberal profession

  I am a construction worker, I make a video observation when I start a site and when I finish it. In the event of an unjustified complaint, it is very easy for me to resolve the problem. I send the two certificates to my client who can see \''first-hand\'' if his complaint is justified

Photographers, artists, authors, journalists

  I am a photographer and when a photo seems promising, I make a seal, so I'm sure no one can steal it from me

  I am an artist, a writer, I regularly make, as I go along, a seal containing my work. It is called protecting the path of creation. This is extremely strong copyright protection, since counterfeiters are unable to produce such evidence.