First Time

AvKee Online Authentication Service

* Sealed and locked for eternity - see terms and conditions

AvKee is a service platform published by Avéyo Consulting, to perform digital seals online. This is a service dedicated to both professionals and individuals

An AvKee seal consists of freezing on our servers, at a given date and without any possible modification, a document (photo, video, etc.), with information about the author

AvKee allows you to give proof of creation, and you issue a certificate attesting to this deposit

To easily understand how AvKee seal work, we invite you to try it for free.

Our systems rely in particular on the technologies blockchains which make tamper proof digital seals, and we invite you to use our simulator to fully understand the warranties offered by these technologies

Earn AvKee points (for seal) and gift points, by participating in Ambassador and Translators programs