Welcom on App Store

We are already present on Google Play and being installed on the AppStore. Our users will be notified by message when we are actually present on the Appstore. In the meantime you can use AvKee under the same conditions by following the following procedure:.

Note: iPhone owners whose IOS version is less than 13 will not be able to install AvKee via the AppStore. But the procedure below will suit them perfectly and allow them to use AvKee without restriction.

Install the AvKee icon on your smartphone

1 - While on your iphone or ipad, launch Safari and go to the page: https://avkee.co.uk/log-in2 (by clicking on 'Start Installation' located below)

2 - Search for the icon presented below and click on it, depending on the version of IOS it is located either at the top of the screen or at the bottom.

3 - Search for the icon presented below and click on it

4 - Click on 'add' and you're done!