Blockchain simulator 1

AvKee and Blockchain technology

This technology has been around for a few years. It is an extremely reliable way to secure information exchange operations

It's so reliable it makes it impossible for anyone to alter the saved data, and this is why banks and insurance companies around the world are working to integrate this technology

AvKee Authentication System has made this technology one of the three pillars of its security system.Before using our simulator, to understand this technology, we will remind you the basics

Blockchains work with two basic principles: one-way coding of data and the link between the data blocks

1st principle: the data is processed by an algorithm that generates a security code. It is impossible to recreate the data from the code

2nd principle: the data blocks are chained together in a simple and ingenious way by integrating the security code of the previous data block in the data to be coded

And there you are! You are ready to use the simulator to better understand

Step 1/3 - Enter data into your DATA block

For now, you are the last link in the chain, but very quickly other links will be added

Enter data in your block

Beginning of your block N : 235
End of your block N : 235