The present Terms of Service are concluded between Aveyo company on behalf of its website and any natural or legal person specified as User wishing to use our services provided by this website. In doing so, the present Terms of Service define normal use conditions of the services provided by this website, as well as the contractual obligations pertaining to the user who accepts without any reservations the present conditions

Products proposed by Aveyo on the website consist in the buying of points specified as AvKee Points allowing access to the services provided by the website. Services provided by include but are not limited to: creation of an electronic or laminated AvKee Customer Card, access to an online digital sealing system, use of a secured document-exchange system, use of a document or digital file archive system for a duration of three years and renewable. Access to Customer Area stays active as long as a digital Seal is still active

Price is due after validation of your AvKee Points order. Payments are carried out by credit cards or by PayPal Accounts via the PayPal company secured payments system. The user account will then be debited. After full payment of the invoice, the user will receive the bill of sales and supporting documents which can be downloaded immediately or found in his Customer Account

Users are entitled to a withdrawal time limit of 14 days with effect from the date of the buying of AvKee points. A withdrawal cancels de facto any operations performed with the use of the AvKee points made redundant by the withdrawal clause

The shipping of AvKee points consists of credit added to the user's customer account balance. In case of any problems, the user has to inform Aveyo via the Contact page of the website. After study, Aveyo will proceed in solving the matter using ad hoc operations as soon as possible

The user engages his sole responsibility concerning the nature of the sealed documents and files, as Aveyo can not analyze it. It is the user's responsibility to conform to current French Legislation as well as the country legislation he resides in. It is forbidden to seal any documents of an illegal pornographic nature particularly pertaining to Minors Protection

Aveyo archives the entirety of the documents pertaining to the contractual relations with the user on a reliable and sustainable support, thus constituting an accurate copy of the original as required by l'article 1348 du Code Civil. Aveyo Computerized Registry is considered by the user as proof of orders, payments and transactions performed as part of the use of services provided by

Services proposed by are subjects to French Laws. In the event of a dispute rising from interpretation or application of those services, the user is responsible for attempting to find an amicable solution to the dispute and, if such a solution can not be found, the dispute shall be under the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Douai Court System.

Version 3 comes into effect as of the 4th of May 2018