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AvKee only uses cookies to facilitate your navigation. They do not contain any personal data, nor any code associated with personal data. The creation and use of an AvKee account implies the acceptance of access control and security management cookies. Click + for more information.

Use of personal data
The information which concerns you is intended for Avéyo. We may be required to transmit them, with your agreement, to third parties, only within the framework of a technical use in connection with the activity of AvKee. You have the permanent right to access your data and the right to change, modify and/or suppress any information pertaining to you (art. 34 de la loi Informatique et Liberté du 6 juillet 78). To use this right, contact:

Manage personnel data
In some cases, Avéyo's Data Protection Officer can be authorized to preview your sealed documents without reading them in order to fight against illegal use of pornographic related materials that might included minors

We are putting all efforts and technical means to insure registration and safeguard of your files and documents which are managed and owned only by you.

In case of termination of contractual relations, we will erase all data and documents pertaining to you on our operating systems as well as our archiving systems. There is a minimum period of time before your Right to be Forgotten can be effective.

Management of phone calls
Telephone exchanges with Aveyo collaborators might be recorded (non-systematic) in order to improve our customer service. You have the right to refuse these recordings by mentioning it to our collaborators. You can follow your right of pursuit via e-mail at

All recordings are erased from all supports after a maximum duration of a year, except in case of legal disputes requiring these recordings to be preserved.

Version 6 Information - applicable from June 18, 2020